19 times things went downhill in a matter of minutes

We all have our fair share of bad days, and you may well have experienced the same misery as the following people.

These events are all part and parcel of life, and all we can do is take them in our stride and tell ourselves that tomorrow presents a fresh start. It's often a matter of luck when things go belly up and the following 19 photos prove that some things are completely out of our control.

1. His mom once attended a hair stylist course and years' later decided to try out her skills

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2. When you win the lottery and this is your prize

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3. The neigbor's tree popped in to say "hello"

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4. Delivered 'horizontally'

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5. When the store gets the angle wrong

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6. A wedding day that no one will forget

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7. Just a few inches too high

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8. This is what happens when you get ready in a rush

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9. She opened it upside down

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10. He finally found his lost phone!

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11. Trust the cat to leave its mark

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12. Always pour really slowly

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13. A foggy view after a long hike

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14. The tiniest chicken wings...

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15. When you leave the kids alone for 2 minutes

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16. They wanted a window seat

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17. Just so long as no one was hurt

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18. Hope they're not in a rush

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19. The perils of dozing off in the sun

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