19 times when someone came across something weird

Optical illusions are fun for the mind. These photos will make you want to take a second look.

There are different factors that can cause an optical illusion. In addition, some of these photos include actual phenomena, unusual for sure, but not necessarily optical illusions.

Here are 19 photos that will get your attention.

1. A newly paved road reflects sunlight that makes this beautiful rainbow, when viewed through polarized lenses.

© kenziemonsterrawr / Reddit

2. LEGOs can support a load-bearing wall perfectly.

© InkDrach / Reddit

3. The shadow of the bookshelf looks like a city skyline.

© AppropriateForm / Reddit

4. Oxidation on this rock looks like Sasquatch or King Kong.

© ermahturd / Reddit

5. Is this an apple that’s red on the inside, too? Or is it a plum?

© KirasStar / Reddit

6. The corrosion on this faucet looks like a map.

© Luke-Skywalk / Reddit

7. A shriveled egg?

© salzberry27 / Reddit

8. “My spilled coffee foam looks like a fish.”

© padulao / Reddit

9. The condensation droplets on this can are lined up so perfectly!

© Unknown/Reddit

10. This could have been a nice picture of a city and its skyscrapers, but it's just the trunk of a tree.

© wannaeatpizza / Reddit

11. A wound healing in the shape of a heart

© Lelapa / Reddit

12. The light seems to be divided by this rainbow.

© CuriouslyGinger / Reddit

13. A branch of an apple tree was grafted onto an old tree and life continued…

© Olyverr1014 / Reddit

14. A blueberry pie that isn’t very happy

© Niyi_M / Reddit

15. A frog hopped across the windshield

© nathantscott / Reddit

16. The vents on the roof look like Mandalorian helmets.

© kurtisbr / Reddit

17. “Burning a piece of palo santo and this little flame appeared to be floating.”

© Zairena / Reddit

18. “My ice cream has a smiley face and a heart.”

© IThinkImGonnaFangirl / Reddit

19. The reflection of this glass looks like an x-ray of Bart Simpson’s head.

© 0zymandias21 / Reddit