19 unfortunate surprises encountered by guests in hotels

Hotels have their share of unfortunate surprises. These photos demonstrate that fact perfectly.

Staying in a hotel can be very comforting and relaxing. But fate may have other plans. The hotel may have a few little flaws that most of us would have been fine without.

Here are 19 photos of some unpleasant surprises that people found in hotels.

1. “The customer gets exactly what he asks for!” Like this mini fridge…

© MeddlingMike / Reddit

2. When you choose a hotel for the view, but the balcony is locked “for your safety.” How disappointing.

© RosemaryCrafting / Reddit

3. The hotel did say that there was a swimming pool…

© Shents / Reddit

4. A hotel room for one guest in Russia. 

© nipplotapos / Reddit

5. Hopefully the guests here don’t have OCD.

© Jaxdallas / Reddit

6. This toilet is unpleasant to see and to use.

© scodgey / Reddit

7. Lighting that makes a good impression during the day but prevents you from sleeping at night

© mightyfldad / Reddit

8. Why would anyone install a spotlight right outside the window of a room?

© Lieutelant / Reddit

9. There isn’t even enough space for someone’s legs!

© D*uchebak / Reddit

10. This can’t be safe…

© s*xybeast8209 / Reddit

11. A message that was meant to motivate but is very hard to read...

© KnugensBroder1337 / Reddit

12. There is, in fact, a very large window in the room, as advertised.

© hor_n_h*rrible / Reddit

13. A fireplace with a view of the toilet

© actualbobblehead / Reddit

14. A rarely seen combination

© Heinrich-von-Kleist / Reddit

15. The contracting company asked for room numbers with Braille on the bottom for visually impaired guests. Their supplier didn’t quite understand.

© CavemanSlevy / Reddit

16. Décor worthy of the finest luxury hotels

© fazzle1 / Reddit

17. There seems to be a contradiction…

© fildakoch / Reddit

18. This painting looks like hair clippings on the floor of a salon…

© Big_Boss_1000 / Reddit

19. The ad said there was a balcony. They weren’t lying.

© eidahl / Reddit