20 adorable photos of animals guaranteed to brighten your day

Pets don't realize how hilarious they can be and the following is just a small smile-inducing selection!

If animals held their own comedy shows, our furry friends would sell out every performance. Nothing comes close to a pet caught unawares while playing or sleeping in a funny position... They are nothing short of comedy gold!

Here are 20 photos of cats and dogs guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

1. Realizing what he looks like

© sdraz/reddit

2. Because nothing beats water from the faucet

© j_panther/reddit

3. Practising their psychic skills

© SmallRubyTouringHat/reddit

4. Refusing to go out in the cold rain

© millese3/reddit

5. Very old cat paw prints

© Vermontbuilder/reddit

6. They're just having a chat

© gdnorrie/reddit

7. "Is it a mirror?"

© Jetsetter_/reddit

8."Hey, stop poking me in the back!!!"

© 000D***000/reddit

9. Putting on its best scowl

© yonglint/reddit

10. Trying to look innocent...

© chiablo/reddit

11. Striking a pose

© Amag140696/reddit

12. Refusing to let go

© Shansquatch/reddit

13. A good drink after a long, hard day

© BluegrassMoto/reddit

14. Determined to go out and play

© ImpatientToothFairy/reddit

15. Lazing in my tub

© RaiseTheBalloon/reddit

16. Cats and Christmas trees...

© TF2Milquetoast/reddit

17. Head to tail

© TheTeachersDogs/reddit

18. Washing their owner's "fur"

© poop_dawg/reddit

19. Feline eclipse!

© uhpav/reddit

20. Apparently it's a comfy position

© Poisson_de_Sable/reddit