20 adorable photos that illustrate kids' logic

We were all kids once, so we know that little ones have their own special logic and reasoning. And the following selection is cute beyond words!

As adults we're reminded that children have minds of their own, with quirky thoughts that often result in original and hilariously funny consequences.

Here are 20 photos that illustrate the crazier side of kids’ logic.

1. If you can't decide on a costume, just mix 'em up!

© AverageJimmy8 / Reddit

2. They wanted more money...

© slimbender / Reddit

3. He was told to put his clothes on

© emmjaymax / Reddit

4. The best way to eat a burrito

© cakema / Reddit

5. Rebels in the making!

© Hawkeye91803 / Reddit

6. They wanted to liven up their console

© LiveForTheDrip / Reddit

7. Dinosaurs are like dogs and need regular walks

© totallywildwes / Reddit

8. Because they like the skin

© Jets*** / Reddit

9. As she walked past her son's bedroom

© sammmysavage / Reddit

10. Use magnetic clips to attach magnets

© Waithowmanywasthat / Reddit

11. Hide 'n seek

© meowmixalots / Reddit

12. First time he used a close-up mirror

© usmcavenger / Reddit

13. When you find one of their socks in their bowl of popcorn

© HelloGrandGuy / Reddit

14. And the other one on a bottle of water

© mandabearpiggy / Reddit

15. She thought his tattoo was edible

© DanJes18 / Reddit

16. Work of art for their dad

© Iridiumstuffs / Reddit

17. His son hates the crust

© sulris / Reddit

18. He wants to be a hash brown when he grows up

© pandasattack79 / Imgur

19. His son threw his new sneakers into the fire

© liamemsa / Reddit

20. If they can't see you, you can't see them!

© mcmac / Imgur