20 children who are the copy/paste version of their parents

The resemblance between parents and their children can sometimes be very remarkable. These photos show some of the most perfect examples.

A child is kind of a new version of his parents. It’s not surprising to see some similarities between them, but sometimes the similarities are so astonishing that you think you’re seeing the same person.

Here are 20 photos of children who are an exact copy of their parents.

1. These photos were taken 40 years apart

© Nadname / Reddit

2. The two friends above each had sons who also became friends. They recreated the original photo 30 years later…

© dgm89 / Reddit

3. Like father, like daughter

© Tiffbu00 / Reddit

4. She looks a lot like her father…

© 981209 / Reddit

5. A sweet childhood memory that he recreated with his own child

© roggesound / Reddit

6. It’s easy to guess that they are father and son.

© Uknown / Imgur

7. “My mom and me, both wearing saris as teenagers.”

© drippin_fast_n_slow / Reddit

8. The resemblance is so striking that it looks like two pictures of the same person.

© afterlife121 / Reddit

9. He dressed his son in the same costume he loved to wear as a child.

© MichaellaJane / Reddit

10. A daughter and father at the same age

© Mozfarts / Reddit

11. Daughter on the left, mother on the right

© nancizzle / Reddit

12. “My dad on the right in the 1980s vs me on the left in 2015.”

© Dkozy605 / Reddit

13. “My daughter at age 2 in 1998 on the left and my granddaughter at age 2 in 2019 on the right.”

© peachcobblerincident / Reddit

14. Here’s a father and son who have the same facial features, and even the same bangs.

© elephantastronomer / Reddit

15. A mother and daughter who are proud of their resemblance

© iwant26cats / Reddit

16. As an adult, she became the identical copy of her mother.

© MeelinFelo / Reddit

17. A mother very happy to see that her son looks like she did at his age

© hilary21045 / Reddit

18. On the left, a mother and her sister - on the right, their daughters!  

© pinkyogurt12 / Reddit

19. With the same glasses and hairstyle, the resemblance between this man and his father is perfect.

© mambeu / Reddit

20. The little girl on the right is a little version of her mother when she was a baby.

© flooptyscoops / Reddit