20 clever ways to make the most of a small space

When you live in a small home, it's really good to know how to maximize the limited space and these photos illustrate some super-useful tips.

In order to live in a small apartment or house without our lives descending into chaos, we need to know how to use the space, which often requires a certain level of ingenuity. The following people have managed to organize their rooms and storage spaces with some remarkably clever hacks and ideas.

Here are 20 ideas guaranteed to transform daily life in a small home.

1. Another use for a shower curtain rail

© isisis / Reddit

2. Turn a closet into a fairytale bed 

© bare***contessa / Reddit

3. Perfect for small fridges 

© jackal99 / Reddit

4. Use cupboards and closets to make nests for your pets

© FreeArt85 / Reddit

5. Raised beds are great for gaining storage space

© girlwithbitters / Reddit

6. Two shower rails can create extra storage space

© Farfollow / Reddit

7. Make use of the walls!

© WarningGipsyDanger / Reddit

8. Perfectly organized steak knives

© rscarson / Reddit

9. Tool boxes can be used for all sorts of things

© K_But_4_Real / Reddit

10. Have you ever seen such a well-organized herb and spice rack?

© Jules4326 / Reddit

11. Hang seasoning sachets inside kitchen cupboard doors

© Fickle_Service / Reddit

12. And hang cleaning products under the kitchen sink

© TootsNYC / Reddit

13. Awesome idea for anyone with a workshop

© nomercy57 / Reddit

14. And the idea works for condiments too!

© RosieR07 / Reddit

15. Practical and pretty

© 1961_Geekess / Reddit

16. Even a small shelf helps!

© bunundone / Reddit

17. For anyone who has loads of jewelry and accessories

© r13a / Reddit

18. For parents who live in a studio apartment

© HB2extreme / Reddit

19. Turn a useless space into a home office 

© FJaeger / Reddit

20. For anyone who doesn't have a balcony!

© Pastabrew / Reddit