20 examples of a job half done that is as good as none

As the title says, if you can't do a job properly, then don't do it all! Here's a selection of fails that perfectly illustrate the point.

Mistakes at work are sometimes inevitable. However, some are so blatant that we wonder how the people responsible manage to hold down their job.

Here are 20 photos of astonishingly bad workmanship.

1. Was it really too much to expect?

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2. Hoping this is a running track, not a road

© XarathorXD/Reddit

3. Try untangling these

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4. When you don't use an experienced plumber

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5. Top level security

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6. Just to make sure your towel gets soaked

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7. This gives us panic attacks

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8. When they're a few inches too short

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9. Someone wasn't paying attention

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10. Factory fail

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11. When the decorator leaves you a little present

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12. State of the art

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13. How to confuse the passengers

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14. Maybe the manufacturer had run out of "5"s

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15. No kidding

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16. At least there are paper towels

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17. Just don't pick it up 

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18. Time to reboot

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19. Why? 

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20. Enter at your own risk

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