20 frustrating situations that would test anyone’s patience

Sometimes it doesn't take much to put us in a foul mood, and we totally understand why the following photos were shared!

There are days when luck just isn't on our side, and all we can do is make the best of a bad situation. We may have to bite our tongue, take a deep breath or silently scream while we tell ourselves that worse things could happen.

So, here's an armful of sympathy to these 20 people who snapped and shared their miserable moment.

1. When you wish you'd ordered something else

© VSZVG6 / Reddit

2. Their secretary brought these to the office on her last day at work

© whothe***isdan / Reddit

3. There are 7 storeys above this buckling pillar!

© VreniCZek / Reddit

4. The perils of ordering and paying in advance for a second-hand PlayStation

© unknown author / Reddit

5. Someone was so annoyed they walked all over this car

© CptFlesh / Reddit

6. Enjoy your meal!

© Joowxy / Reddit

7. This guy arrived just as the concert started

© Lutherized / Reddit

8. When you find this just as you finish your cup of tea

© HollyDaisy / Reddit

9. "A pinch of chilli flakes"

© ZacKaffeine / Reddit

10. There's a very unhappy kid somewhere

© hairycatqueen / Reddit

11. So they won't be listening to music on this long-haul flight

© thesmallestwaffle / Reddit

12. When you accidentally drop the AirTag you use to find things you've lost

© CringyRedditGuy / Reddit

13. A printer with a mind of its own

© thenewkelly / Reddit

14. He tripped over just after he'd organized them

© ErinGoBragh513 / Reddit

15. If only they had a pair of scissors

© TransportationFun665 / Reddit

16. The cleaners got confused and put all his belongings in trash bags

© km1180 / Reddit

17. This is why you should never apply make-up in a moving car

© peperoni_dog_f**** / Reddit

18. His mother assured him that she remembered what she'd been taught in a hairstyling class

© GuccimyBoi / Reddit

19. What they asked for vs what they got

© Vegemiteonpikelets / Reddit

20. Never leave food within reach of your dog's tongue!

© gwarfunkle / Reddit