20 hilariously bad birthday cake fails

Deciding on a birthday cake can be a thrilling meets stressful experience!

If you opt for an elaborate birthday cake, it's probably best to use the services of a professional. Accurately reproducing SpongeBob SquarePants, unicorns or hedgehogs is usually beyond the skills of your average person.

If you don't believe us and are tempted to put your cake-making skills to the test, here are 20 photos guaranteed to make you change your mind.

1. Hedgehog or a monster from the deep? 

© axenaa / Reddit

2. This is why people don't believe in unicorns

© ifeelbadformysister / Reddit

3. We weren't lying when we mentioned SpongeBob SquarePants

© CabooseFTW000000 / Reddit

4. Any ideas what this was meant to be?

© AnnalisaBergen / Reddit

5. Hank Hill would be so flattered

© Rocksoezy / Reddit

6. We think it's a cat. Or maybe a dog...

© pestomania / Reddit

7. When a panda looks like a horror movie character

© jcal4106 / Reddit

8. Apart from the cat, what's the deal with the trident?

© truffleoil119 / Reddit

9. A Disney classic?

© MaisieeRae36 / Reddit

10. Her son asked her to bake a frog cake...

© SurplusSix / Reddit

11. Mutant Marge!

© The Simpsons / 20th Century Fox Television, © RumourMilliner / Reddit

12. We hope it's still tasty 

© TheDevilsTrinket / Reddit

13. Poor Mickey...

© lipstick_dipstick / Reddit

14. "Mad" is a highly appropriate description!

© WhiskerBiskits / Reddit

15. We'll give this one credit - it was an 11 year-old girl's first baking attempt

© Calpernia09 / Reddit

16. And they used a packet rather than baking it from scratch!

© Kayokwhat / Reddit

17. When a cat morphs into a rabbit

© F*therM**ker77 / Reddit

18. His dad insisted on making him a cake... The rest is history

© TheOneWithWen / Reddit

19. Some animals should never be attempted!

© akbarker123 / Reddit

20. Underneath Pichu we're sure there's a delicious cake

© VoltairesHair / Reddit