20 people show what their job is really like

Every job has a hidden side. These photos show what some jobs are truly like.

We don’t always know the hardest parts of every job. That’s why some employees from different jobs wanted to reveal the hardest parts of their work. There’s a lot at stake, and these employees have some real courage to do their work.

Here are 20 realistic photos from various professions.

1. This is the model one person was asked to photograph.

© annkass / Pikabu

2. Here’s how a doctor’s hand looks after ten hours in the operating room.

© AwanishSharan / Twitter

3. Teenagers don't realize that an employee has to clean up after them in movie theaters.

© Littleman212 / Reddit

4. Because of all the layers of clothing this guy has to wear to keep warm while working in Antarctica, he hangs his watch on a lanyard instead of wearing it.

© DavyMcDavison / Reddit, © DavyMcDavison / Reddit

5. Trash collectors have to deal with some very harsh weather conditions.

© SubzeroMK / Reddit

6. Some hotel guests leave quite a mess!

© Imfriendswithelmo / Reddit

7. Here’s how many hotel key cards a flight attendant had after one year on the job.

© p3p3_sylvia / Reddit

8. There are some perks to being an over-the-road truck driver, like the views!

© bakyt189 / Pikabu

9. One lady sent her son this picture of a delivery truck she loaded.

© MDMAbleToShine / Reddit

10. An employee at a call center draws a sketch of every rude customer who calls in.

© SerAntwon / Reddit

11. The owner of a fast-food restaurant refuses to replace a worn-out broom, claiming that it costs too much. He drives a luxury car.

© HannerPuddin / Reddit

12. This guy works in the film industry and got the chance to have his picture taken with the most famous cat in the world.

© cody_p24 / Reddit

13. All the staples one guy removed in a year at a job he doesn't care for in a boring office…

© Simply_Laurel / Reddit

14. This man works inside a freezer every day.

© TheDerf / Reddit

15. This girl works in an animal shelter. Here are some pictures she sent her boyfriend to convince him that they should keep this cat.

© parisburnscp / Reddit

16. This guy’s job is to stick labels on boxes, which he holds with one hand and puts labels on with the other.

© Lt_********* / Reddit

17. This guy was transferred to a new position, and here’s his new break room.

© cornernope / Reddit

18. A computer programmer who never expected to end up in the desert…

© 8kurhavel8 / Pikabu

19. Her cat inspects the dress she wears every weekend for her job as a princess.

© sarcastic_ginger / Reddit

20. One guest left all these game cards when he left his hotel room.

© ShinobiHolmes / Reddit