20 people who decided to clean up some dirty things

It’s not always easy to be motivated to clean something that’s really dirty. But the results of doing it are worth it!

It’s normal to look at something that’s totally covered in dirt and think it’s ok to just throw it away. But a good and thorough cleaning may be enough to make it look like new.

Here are 20 before and after photos that show how much difference a good cleaning can make.

1. An old, moldy leather bag sees new life.

© depressedandsocial / reddit

2. A hand-sewn dress bought in a thrift store that just needed a little care

© CeallachODaugherty / reddit

3. The bathroom is one place that should always be kept clean.

© profreshionalcollective / instagram

4. Armed with a toothbrush and some cleaning product, one guy tackled these wicker chairs.

© peri_dot / reddit

5. Ceiling fans can gather a lot of dust…

© star_witness11 / reddit

6. Did you know copper can be cleaned with some vinegar?

© rrrhwe / reddit

7. The mortar was clean and white just under a layer of dirt.

© justlurkin1322 / reddit

8. Before deciding to buy a new pair, a good cleaning could do the trick.

© keeping_on / reddit

9. Bright white is a sign of cleanliness…

© dragonwool / reddit

10. These sandals have gotten their vibrant color back.

© pocketsies / reddit

11. What was once thought impossible to clean looks like new…

© sue01iv3 / reddit

12. Cleaning the car seats takes a lot of time, but the results can be quite satisfactory.

© forgot_username1234 / reddit

13. Even a very old sink doesn’t stand up to a good cleaning.

© OldestDamnJanitor / reddit

14. Cars look so much nicer when they're clean!

© IHeartRadiation / reddit

15. These are actually the same shoes!

© tushark1 / reddit

16. Extremely satisfying before and after pics of my oven door

© *** / reddit

17. Cooking meals on a dirty stove might even be a health hazard.

© Rayneeileen / reddit

18. New life for these vintage platters

© CosmonautTG / reddit

19. Half the tennis court has been power washed…

© okwhateveromg / reddit

20. He hasn't cleaned the walkway in front of his house for about ten years.

© snapaks / reddit