20 people who had a good 2020 despite the odds

2020 was one helluva year for most of us, but there were still glimmers of hope and good news to be had.

Last year was particularly stressful for people across the globe, but life still had to go on. Some lucky people experienced positive memorable moments of all kinds so we've put together 20 photos to illustrate the lighter side of life, despite the anguish we experienced in 2020.

1. She felt self-conscious because of her deformed pinkie, but the joy of her engagement quickly made up for it

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2. It took 2 years of hard work, but in 2020 she finally managed to fit into her old dresses

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3. When you're able to celebrate your birthday in style

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4. She had several surgeries and in 2020 she the process ended

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5. Another woman who won a modelling contract in 2020

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6. She started making and selling cakes part-time and her venture was so successful that in 2020 she gave up her job and launched her cake-making business

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7. This family finally managed to move into their dream home

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8. The result of doing yoga once a day for 4 months

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9. In 2020, he got a job as a restaurant chef

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10. It took a long time, but in 2020 this timid cat finally placed its trust in its owner

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11. She decided to tackle her middle age flab and the result is incredible

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12. The plus side of a really bad year - she learnt to knit and discovered a hidden talent

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13. He reached 30, moved, got a new job and was able to buy himself a car

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14. Their wedding was cancelled, but they managed to tie the knot in a far away, secluded and safe location

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15. She managed to get out of a toxic long-term relationship

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16. This guy has cerebral palsy, but still learnt how to feed himself without help

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17. After trying for a long time, she finally fell pregnant

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18. After 10 years of battling anorexia

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19. He wrote a book in his spare time and in 2020 it was published

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20. She had saved up for this since her teenage years and had her surgery in 2020

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