20 people who had a terrible start to their day

Some days leave us speechless, particularly when it all goes wrong first thing in the morning.

None of us knows what fate has in store for us. We have our daily schedule planned down to the last minute when "wham", it all goes belly up and there's nothing we can do to stop it.

Here are 20 photos shared by people who had a dreadful start to their day.

1. First and last time he went surfing on a freezing morning

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2. His dog ate his students' test papers...

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3. When everything breaks down

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4. Their guests are due in a couple of hours

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5. Never leave dough to rise overnight

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6. On the day they were late for work

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7. Enjoy your breakfast!

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8. The perils of living in a cold climate

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9. When a lid isn't waterproof

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10. Yey, their new phone arrived...

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11. He took his daughter to the park 

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12. Plus, it was new...

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13. Time to buy a hat

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14. So much for a refreshing morning shower

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15. Always move the tray of paint before moving the ladder

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16. When you lose the gadget that traces lost gadgets

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17. There's a skateboard on the seat

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18. What next? Leave for work or try to fix this?

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19. Bye bye toothbrush

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20. They sprinkled garlic powder all over their breakfast

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