20 people who know what it means to have a bad day

We all have bad days. These photos show the misadventures of some very unlucky people.

Sometimes one day goes surprisingly well, and then the next day we get treated to a surprisingly bad day.

Here are 20 photos of people having an especially tough time.

1. When you forget to close the office window on a snowy night…

© Kjakan / Reddit

2. The candle melted the picture frame…

© TomSF / Reddit

3. This guy fell down the stairs and made a hole in the wall…

© Shaneblaster / Reddit

4. Someone lost a nail.

© kepper104 / Reddit

5. The shower door shattered into a thousand pieces while this guy was in the shower.

© UserNameIsBack / Reddit

6. This cake didn’t bake at all after an hour in the oven.

© aerlindyl / Reddit

7. Children shouldn’t be left alone with computers.

© NutSpreadMan /Reddit

8. Her dad told her that she should shower instead of rinsing her hair after coloring it herself.

© medicfourlife / Reddit

9. This guy is turning 23. It isn’t off to a good start.

© 4rnaud / Reddit

10. She asked her kids how many eggs were left. “We have plenty,” they said.

© Mr_PoodlePants / Reddit

11. This couple heard a loud crash in the middle of the night.

© agni_ka / Reddit

12. How are the New Year’s resolutions coming along?

© saiyasaclaser / Reddit

13. This dog broke the TV…

© KingInTheN0rth1 / Reddit

14. The article said “you can easily poach an egg in the microwave…”

© TheNukedWhale /Reddit

15. Someone’s going to be late for work today…

© I_AM_MEAT15 / Reddit

16. This guy only left to drop a card in the mailbox. Next, he found himself locked outside.

© Roaming_AI / Reddit

17. He may have been a little too forceful when blowing out the candles.

© luckydice1224 / Reddit

18. Why does this always happen?

© AbuTrax / Reddit

19. The shower will have to wait…

© official_cactus / Reddit

20. This guy was hanging some new shelves in the bathroom, when it all came crashing down!

© Threeloudkids / Reddit