20 people who love to use their sense of humor

One of the most important things in life is to have a good sense of humor.

People with a great sense of humor know how to bring a smile to our face, even on tough days. The great thing about social networks is that people can now share funny moments, whether they're snapped in a movie theater, at school or in the comfort of their own homes.

Here are 20 photos guaranteed to add a little joy to your day!

1. Someone added the white stripe so that the sign looks like the herd

© ayeayekane / Reddit

2. He's still waiting for his wife to notice...

© mandal0re / Reddit

3. The staff at this movie theater didn't receive an End Game poster, so decided to alter a previous Avengers one.

© Mussu007 / Reddit

4. Thomas the Tank Engine gets a really cheeky grin

© Valravni / Reddit

5. You're never too old to have fun

© rachelmaryl / Reddit

6. So she could be in the family photo

© milkyboi1 / Reddit

7. Office humor!

© jafatime / Reddit

9. When someone turns a hole in the ceiling into a work of art

© memphisnapoleon / Reddit

10. Cat-lovers will understand this!

© boiwutrthos / Reddit

11. The photographer sent them their photos and included a few additional ones

© anastasiabeverhousen / Reddit

12. This girl got a bike helmet and Drake mask for Christmas

© gekko27 / Reddit

13. When your teacher decorates their classroom door

© Icestarman / Reddit

15. Their cat became a Snapchat sensation

© cakes1todough1 / Reddit

16. Someone hacked into the college announcement system

© IlluminatiOnJewpiter / Reddit

17. His Halloween costume scared his cat witless

© redditmeman / Reddit

18. When a brain scan shows that The Grinch lives within you

© indiaisthebestalways / Reddit

19. His daughter bought this frog in a thrift store and decided to paint its portrait

© chriswrightmusic / Reddit