20 people who made the best out of an annoying situation

Some people always look on the bright side of life and let slide the annoying little glitches that crop up along the way.

Frustrating situations can be funny in hindsight, even if they drive us crazy when they happen, and the following people not only knew how to make light of a problem but also snapped and shared their woes.

Just check out this selection of 20 photos and remember to put that smile back on your face!

1. She didn't lie when she said she had the sun in her face

© ecsig05 / Imgur

2. Two fractures but still doing well

© fowlmanfowl / Imgur

3. It was a loooooooong day

© brossentia / Imgur

4. This veteran knows how to make the most of his prosthetic leg

© TerminalCorporal06 / Reddit

5. It took hours to sort through these chickpeas

© kteachergirl / Reddit

6. The golf club's changing cubicle

© SeventhMind7 / Reddit

7. Hopefully it tasted good

© Dreed3022 / Reddit

8. So it's cereal for breakfast then...

© newnewtab / Reddit

9. We love this idea

© ComicPlatypus / Reddit

10. He promised his daughter he would wear a matching dress for her graduation ceremony

© frekkenstein / Reddit

11. One unhappy pooch

© Inazumaryoku / Reddit

12. The first and last time he tried to cut his own hair

© tylerbrickley / Reddit

13. Time to ban your girlfriend from having a go

© NotedHeathen / Reddit

14. The recipe made it seem so easy

© Sawljah / Reddit

15. They tried their best

© Parker_Larsen / Reddit

16. Oh where to begin...

© quylacis / Reddit

17. Try using this make-up mirror

© Swedishkangaroo / Reddit

18. Sarcasm at its best

© Long_live_Broctune / Reddit

19. When you do anything to avoid having eyebrows like your mom's

© NeverMeant125 / Reddit

20. What they asked for vs what they got

© Upbeat_Breath_6817 / Reddit