20 people who need to learn the meaning of good manners

Some people are so self-entitled, and here's a selection that defines the word "selfish".

When confronted with a bad  attitude, a lot of us prefer to let it slide rather than cause a drama. But sometimes it gets too irritating, and we decide to remind people what it means to live with others or be part of a community.

Here are 20 photos that might make you want to pull your hair out.

1. This is how she knows if her mother-in-law has been in her home

© treesbreakknees / Reddit

2. He does this every single day

© DrRowdybush / Reddit

3. When someone stops you from watching your child graduate

© Idkofagoodname / Reddit

4. This is how her sister cuts lemons

© MarieThePan / Reddit

5. When a manufacturer puts the "Power" button right by "Delete"

© bowers77 / Reddit

6. Her neighbors reported her for having an unregistered daycare center!

© JustJJ92 / Reddit

7. They didn't tidy up after their kids

© pilouswhistler305 / Reddit

8. When your boss "forgets" to tell you that the office is closed due to the storm you've battled through

© Radiskull97 / Reddit

9. This is how his fiancé opens cereal packets

© illLieonceaday / Reddit

10. When you go "paperless" and your bank sends you endless written reminders that you've gone "paperless"

© ryanctag / Reddit

11. Her mother-in-law left this for her son

© FootsieMcDingus / Reddit

12. The manicurist claimed it was the same color

© ThoughtsInside / Reddit

13. Careless delivery

© Paracortex / Reddit

14. Smelly feet!

© sarge-m / Reddit

15. This is a salad...

© OneBigEyeRoll / Reddit

16. When their mom charges her phone

© Ernobacsi / Reddit

17. When someone forgets to tell others about an address change

© Awkward-Eye-Contact / Reddit

18. When this is the view during your online class

© gcz1214 / Reddit

19. This should be illegal

© david-grey-beard / Reddit

20. One of his wife's most annoying habits

© GoatMeatnOlives / Reddit