20 people who returned home with an unforgettable memory of their vacation

Short-term vacation rentals can provide some unforgettable moments, and the following people struck gold when it came to their accommodation.

For example if you book an Airbnb, you may find yourself in an awesome home with an incredible view, a cool neighborhood, or even get visits from the family cat. For vacationers these things can make or break their well-earned time off.

Here are 20 photos taken by vacationers who wanted to immortalize a special moment.

1. Sunset behind the Great Pyramids

© whosyourbaghdady / reddit

2. Perfect for a romantic break

© loanmagic24 / reddit

3. Book a trip to Ireland and stay here!

© wexfordsahn98 / reddit

4. A lush interior jungle

© mjhudson123 / reddit

5. When the cat pays a visit

© TechDude3000 / reddit

6. Straight out of Harry Potter

© zombiegirl1987 / reddit

7. Pretend you're a hobbit and stay in The Shire

© cottagecow / reddit

8. There had to be one fail...

© Crustopher23 / reddit

9. Forest paradise

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10.  Sometimes it's the small things that count!

© Keytawn94 / reddit

11. Awesome gypsy caravan

© psirhcillius / reddit

12. The owner left apples so they could feed the donkey

© kesl00 / reddit

13. Climbing heaven

© Fpitty7 / reddit

14. Their rental was on a farm so they could enjoy the company of goats, rabbits and some friendly sheep

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15. Clever theme

© billchilds / twitter

16. A plunge pool at this rental in Washington

© Simplemanreally91 / reddit

17. It was his birthday, so the owner's puppies came to say "hello"

© MulysaMahkra / reddit

18. One for cat fans!

© photogenna / twitter

19. A natural vibe

© MotorboatingSofaB / reddit, © MotorboatingSofaB / reddit

20. Much more interesting than the classic version!

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