20 people who shared a moment of misery from their vacation

Like everything in life, vacations don't always go as planned.

Nasty surprises before or during a vacation are an unfortunate reality and all we can do is roll with the punches!

Check out these 20 people who shared a moment of misery from their vacation...

1. When your son learns the shells he found on the beach weren't from the sea... 

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2. They spent hours climbing up to see Christ the Redeemer

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3. At this attraction in Bali, you have to buy a second ticket half way through the visit if you want to continue!

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4. When you try to admire a masterpiece

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5. They promised and delivered a sea view...

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6. When she finally reached her dream destination

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7. The Trevi fountain was undergoing repairs

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8. Just before they landed in Tokyo

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9. They paid more for a mountain view

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10. He finally found the restroom

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11. He was about to leave on vacation when he came home to find this...

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12. She wanted to take an original shot of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

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13. Stunning views

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14. All he wanted was some sunshine

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15. When you book a family room and find this ensuite bathroom!

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16. The website mentioned a fitness center

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17. The Great Wall of China is famous for its awesome views

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18. Spot Big Ben 

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19. They got up at 2am and hiked/climbed for 3 miles so they could watch the sunrise from Haleakal

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20. They drove for hours to visit Kromlau's Devil's Bridge

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