20 people who should think about changing jobs

Some people don’t do their jobs the way they’re supposed to, but in their own way. Sometimes their way leaves room for doubt….

When you hire a professional to fix something, you have a right to expect professional results. Sometimes, however, these technicians use other methods that can be both frightening and impressive.

Here are 20 photos that show workers' unusual ideas.

1. This is how the plug was repaired…

© batyasinasvoego / Pikabu

2. We called in a professional to replace a broken tile on the patio.

© Sanki030 / Pikabu

3. The city might not be aware of this…

© lelik911 / Pikabu

4. He paid professionals to renovate the entire bathroom. Now he misses the old version…

© Arisha33 / Pikabu

5. Pure professionalism

© vybgrib / Pikabu

6. The number of seats in this bus isn’t equivalent to the number of people it can carry…

© Chekist12g / Pikabu

7. No need for nails or other conventional tools

© Confusedfrenchy / Reddit

8. What wonderful bodywork…

© dzyubavl / Pikabu

9. The person who placed this order should never have accepted it.

© Yulinka17 / Reddit

10. Whoever installed this bicycle rack clearly didn’t think about pedestrians.

© dieselman / Pikabu

11. The radiator is "ready" to use.

© komivkome / Pikabu

12. A single tile upside down, and it all has to be redone.

© takmomayubo / Reddit

13. He was paid to paint the walls, which he did.

© bhones / Reddit

14. The lock has been repaired.

© tarunT1 / Pikabu

15. The gardener needed to get his work done, so the owner blocked the dog kennel. The gardener felt perfectly safe then.

© Anvvhite / Pikabu

16. Classic style mixed with electric cables, real history.

© PlayItCoolowski / Reddit

17. The toys remained wrapped like this for weeks while the machine was plugged in.

© ScarStomach / Pikabu

18. How to fix a broken shower door

© MrZiro2015 / Pikabu

19. The art of plumbing is lost on some people.

© idontreallylikecandy / Reddit

20. “The property manager sent painting contractors to fix my loose balcony rail.”

© kokomocat / Reddit