20 people who snapped and shared their bad day

Mishaps come in all shapes and sizes, and social media means we can share our misery.

Everyone has bad days. None of us knows what life has in store for us when it comes to life's glitches - those irritating moments when we're putting on makeup or preparing our morning cup of coffee and it all goes wrong in one fell swoop.

Here are 20 photos of day-to-day problems that could happen to any of us.

1. When you fall asleep with pimple cream on your face

© SerGo_o / Twitter

2. Day one of their vacation

© flippity_dippity_doo / Reddit

3. They bought a watermelon as it was due to be warm and sunny

© ndaoust / Reddit

4. The morning after a bad night's sleep

© Silverback55 / Reddit

5. The perils of doing your makeup on the way to work

© peperoni_dog_f***s / Reddit

6. When you're looking forward to your midday sandwich

© garfrabble / Reddit

7. A pinch of salt

© heythereitssteve / Reddit

8. He put on shorts for work, but then this happened

© PhatedGaming / Reddit

9. At the end of a long day...

© Blotzkrieg / Reddit

10. When you don't have another pair of scissors

© SimonTVesper / Reddit

11. A destroyed cake and a car to clean

© alico127 / Reddit

12. It got worse - everyone was asleep and didn't hear her knocking...

© PhaseKoko / Reddit

13. Never put soda cans in the freezer!

© ReformedShady / Reddit

14. She used the wrong one in her pancakes

© JoEdGus / Reddit

15. Just after they had cleaned the kitchen floor

© Streetcar21 / Reddit

16. The lawnmower launched a stone

© MAGNIF1CNT / Reddit

17. Fancy some pepper with your eggs?

© r**d***kprogrammer / Reddit

18. Time to order a takeout

© laughableInflection / Reddit

19. Yes, LEGO can be broken

© oj81 / Reddit

20. Knife vs cheese

© TheShizknitt / Reddit