20 people who stumbled upon an amazing find

Thanks to social networks, we can all enjoy the fascinating finds that people have snapped and shared.

The world is full of astonishing objects and phenomena that we may stumble across as we're walking down a street, not to mention the weird discoveries that lurk in our very own homes!

Here are 20 photos of extraordinary sights that were discovered completely by chance.

1. The glow around brown spots on bananas under an ultraviolet light

© daremotecontrolla / Reddit

2. When an old CD looks like an amethyst

© jmonkey9 / Reddit

3. These ants dug out the almond and turned it into a kind of "flour"

© Buford-T-Justis / Reddit

4. A new vs 4 year-old sewing needle

© cecikierk / Reddit

5. When CCTV cameras are also pigeons

© AsphaltsParakeet / Reddit

6. A hummingbird feather

© PessimisticSnake / Reddit

7. Brits among you will love this!

© HTRK74JR / Reddit

8. You'd be forgiven for thinking this was cocunut flesh

© SadFatDargon / Reddit

9. A slug that can blend into its surroundings

© okaywhat2 / Reddit

10. A "flatscreen" building?

© vincentnzt / Reddit

11. When the foam from simmering water looks like fish filets

© nguyenkerry / Reddit

12. A gadget to measure distances on a map

© Trizocbs / Reddit

13. A levitating mailbox post

© kittycatpattywacko / Reddit

14. When a cloud morphs into a colorful feather

© HelpImLostInTheWoods / Reddit

15. This bank was turned into a hotel - here's the business meeting room!

© WoollyMonster / Reddit

16. She collected almost 1,000 shark teeth in just a few weeks

© Kirbe_ / Reddit

17. Some torches have a piece of concrete inside to make them heavier

© Trizocbs / Reddit

18. It wanted to find out more about itself?

© punreddit / Reddit

19. Forks in an Eiffel Tower restaurant

© birketa / Reddit

20. Fossils found at the seaside

© teufelsubie / Reddit