20 photos that bring instant happiness

Some photos manage to capture little happy moments and bring joy to anyone who sees them, just like the ones in this series.

Life’s happy moments come in every way possible and imaginable. They range from major events to the smallest anecdotes. Captured on camera, these joyful moments would bring a smile to anyone who stumbles upon them.

Here are 20 photos that spread the same happiness they illustrate.

1. His math homework will have to wait, because his calculator is currently out of order.

© nathan93 / Reddit

2. Her boyfriend decided to dress up as a pregnant Beyoncé for Halloween!

© tfotheufo / Reddit

3. The misadventures of their poor cat in the hands of a child.

© incrediblywittyname / Imgur

4. A married couple lost a lot of weight and are now expecting their first baby!

© fermlow84 / Imgur

5. He’s slowly losing sight in one eye, and this is how his dog makes him feel better.

© smallzy / Imgur

6. Her cat watches TV in her own special way.

© king_kitty_ / Reddit

7. This girl and her cat fell asleep while maintaining close contact.

© Strongpillow / Reddit

8. When a bird got into the house, one of the cats took on his own hunting technique.

© Vermillon666 / Reddit

9. These kittens just spent their first night camping.

© gesasage88 / Imgur

10. This family adopted a 10-month-old dog who quickly realized that his new roommate was much older and so he needed to be gentle with him.

© tombhai / Reddit

11. Their kitten follows the baby wherever he goes.

© MsSandwichmaker / Reddit

12. This kitten is letting his reflection know who’s boss!

© yewbert / Imgur

13. A dad who only has eyes for the dog…

© accioreddit / Reddit

14. This dog has stolen the heart of his new owner.

© BigBenHH / Imgur

15. This little girl just got adopted and is starting her new family life.

© bjornlandet / Imgur

16. The cat was more generous than expected about accepting the new recruit.

© HelloUsagi / Reddit

17. This dog turned his “cone of shame” into a superhero’s cape.

© 86zccrx / Reddit

18. A close-knit and strong community…

© EatPrayNub / Imgur

19. The ferret decided to try on one of his socks.

© berrant0ne / Reddit

20. Her horse learned how to open the door…

© onlyunless / Reddit