20 photos of cats who have a funny idea of “comfortable”

As soon as a cat gets sleepy, which happens often, it falls asleep right where it is, so it doesn't waste a single second.

Every cat has its hobby. Some like to take a little siesta, while others prefer to sleep all afternoon. There are even some who sleep all day and night. In short, cats can fall sleep anywhere.

Here are 20 photos of cats who have nothing to worry about when it’s time to go to sleep.

1. This cat has expensive taste.

© umutk / Reddit

2. In the winter, she uses her cat as a scarf.

© knotjust / Reddit

3. No, this horse isn’t wearing a wig, he’s wearing a cat!

© GohansDadPiccolo / Imgur

4. The art of contortion was invented by cats.

© munchlaxsleeps / Reddit

5. This cat doesn’t wake up, even when he gets picked up and lifted during a nap.

© fandomgal17 / Reddit

6. This guy was thinking about buying a plant to fill his window box, but then he remembered that he had a cat perfectly capable of doing the job.

© Bluffss / Reddit

7. This cat is so attached to his owner that he even sits with him on the toilet!

© Bite_The_Wax_Tadpole / Reddit

8. Sliding off the couch isn’t even a reason for this cat to wake up.

© julhak / Reddit

9. Their owners took several hours to find them…

© Squeakies / Reddit

10. This cat chose to sit on the horizontal bar so he could do some pull-ups after his nap.

© skipkrik / Reddit

11. While she was packing her suitcase, her cat wanted to remind her that she was forgetting something.

© wildmoonchild40 / Reddit

12. "With all the fancy cat furniture I’ve bought, he still thinks the trash bags are the best place to lay down for a nap."

© lucy_1812 / Reddit

13. For this cat, the microwave seemed like the most comfortable spot.

© Ev3-G / Reddit

14. This cat is also a toy, but only when he chooses to be one.

© ItsPamFromTheOffice / Reddit

15. This cat isn’t tired from lifting weights, but he’s still resting anyway.

© The-Sea-Bass / Reddit

16. Some cats venture into places we’d never imagine.

© arthik / Pikabu

17. The soft buzzing made by the computer is a language this cat understands.

© Azul_the_Cat / Reddit

18. “I can’t get ready for work until my cat wakes up…”

© fcb3323 / Reddit

19. Maybe this cake container is reminiscent of the cardboard boxes cats love.

© LuckySunday / Reddit

20. The bread dough will have to wait…

© CatMomwithKids / Reddit