20 photos of everyday things with an added twist

The most mundane of objects can be livened up and benefit from that little extra touch. Or maybe it's Mother Nature herself who waves her magic wand! And here's just a small selection...

We expect things to have a standard look or format - a chess game, for example, is for 2 players. Or is it? Life is all about experimenting and expressing ourselves, and nature is no exception.

Here are 20 photos of everyday things seen in a new light.

1. We love this carbon fiber swing frame

© humblefalcon / reddit

2. Straight from a fairy tale

© jluns1234 / reddit

3. Maybe it's "take your pet to work day"?

© karmagheden / reddit

4. Yes, 3-player versions exist!

© henry_gindt / reddit

5. Ever seen a striped apple?

© TheRedRandom / reddit

6. When snowflakes look like frozen slivers

© irbis056 / reddit

7. A double-yolker

© Hannya_Shingyo / reddit

8. Its roots were sculpted into shape by the vase

© D-va_mech / reddit

9. A 5-leaf clover for some extra luck

© AkaMiso / reddit

10.  Why build a "classic" snowman when you can build a Totoro one

© moonwoofish / reddit

11. Sliced from a huge potato

© ablueberrypancake / reddit

12. A Harry Potter book with hidden artwork

© weirdede / reddit

13. It's called a Nutmobile, obviously

© Ambulldogmama / reddit

14. A melting house by the Gare du Nord in Paris

© lilsnek_ / reddit

15. A 19th century list of elements, before the creation of the Periodic Table

© galaxyMLP / reddit

16. Chocolate inscribed with numbers

© UniqueHybrid / reddit

17. A blood orange hybrid

© wanderingc*spirator / reddit

18. As lonely as a cloud...

© Matt-GF / reddit

19. When two buildings share a roof

© JTMY_ / reddit

20. So there are no hidden surprises

© P34nU7 / reddit