20 photos that might raise a few questions

Some things that we come across every day might raise a few questions, as you’ll see in these photos.

Everyday objects, foods, or even things in nature always look the same…except when you come across a funny rock or a fork that isn't a fork.

Here are 20 photos that don't quite look like they should.

1. A keyboard with a huge one-letter key that’s just the one we need 

© bravohehe / Reddit

2. A rock formation where everyone sees something different - is it a face or an animal biting its tail, or something else?

© kings005 / Reddit

3. A useless fork

© ShenotiveDelf / Reddit

4. A bus interior that makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the forest

© jyrisa / Reddit

5. A black stop sign that's so scary you stop right away

© nerdonmeds / Reddit

6. Surveillance cameras disguised as eyes, so people won't notice them

© TangledCables3 / Reddit

7. A pool you wouldn't want to dive into

© lousasaur / Reddit

8. A fast food restaurant uses a classic car for its deliveries

© flynnfilms / Reddit

9. Her boiled egg cracked and grew a wig!

© PanigaleBaby / Reddit

10. A banana that could feed the whole family

© pokerpoker69 / Reddit

11. A tape measure that’s missing an inch

© dushisellers / Reddit

12. A carpet stain that looks like North and South America

© 15minutesofshame / Reddit

13. Bathrooms that have chromosome notations

© cowboyatnight / Reddit

14. Sliced bacon that looks pixelated

© idontlikethishole / Reddit

15. A Bob Ross toaster that burns his image on toast

© D*tatorTot23 / Reddit

16. Behind the scenes of a fast-food soda fountain

© trashd0gs / Reddit

17. A floor tile that has a house key embedded into it

© booketh / Reddit

18. A shopping center with a “Husband Depository” complete with massage chairs and electrical outlets

© co1063 / Reddit

19. A gift bag that has been used for almost 40 years

© Ironthumb / Reddit

20. A tub that is filled from above

© Rollipollipotamus / Reddit