20 photos of Mother Nature at play

There are endless little wonders to be seen every day and these photos are just a few...

Nature always has something original up its sleeve, and when we come across a surprising sight it can fill us with much-needed joy. Sometimes it only takes little things to brighten up our days.

Here are 20 photos that show how little wonders can have a really positive effect.

1. When a monarch butterfly recognizes your tattoo

© jeferforever/reddit

2. Straight out of a horror movie

© thakur/pikabu

3. When wilting flowers look like skulls

© huskiesofinternets/reddit

4. Just snails hanging out for the day

© andreidav/reddit

5. A floating glove

© ExistentialYurt/reddit

6. Awesome socks!

© wigglingelephant/reddit

7. A baby oak tree leaf

© nonbinaryspongebob/reddit

8. Anyone else see George Washington?

© taurus-horrorscope/reddit

9. When the reflection of a chandelier creates a 3D toy

© bartarton/reddit

10. A natural Mr Potato Head

© Vasaru89/reddit

11. Made from an old map

© ElZwieblo/reddit

12. This cleaning product changes color as you scrub


13. When a lemon morphs into a carrot

© phantomplayerone/reddit

14. Being suck down the drain???

© Iiri92/reddit

15. A starfish in a mussel

© DalhousieU23/reddit

16. Mushroom witch!

© H**liciousRyan/reddit

17. A deflating balloon that's the spitting image of Mozart

© kimbclark/reddit

18. Nature taking over

© downtown-broccoli/reddit

19. An underwater bridge in the Netherlands

© Browndog888/reddit

20. Flowering broccoli

© longasau/reddit