20 photos that prove cats are a law unto themselves

To own a pet, and more precisely a cat, means we live in a world full of surprises. Cats are unpredictable, independent and often make us question our sanity.

They may sleep a lot, but when they're up and about, there's no telling what mischief they'll cause or drive us crazy as we try to figure out which hidden corner of the house they've snuck into. But, whatever chaos they cause, we still love them to bits! Here's a hilarious selection of photos showing what cats do best - being a law unto themselves!

1. "Don't even think about sleeping in your own bed!"

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2. How to destroy a hard drive

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3. "If it fits, I sits!"

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4. Obviously this was the dog's fault...

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5. Refusing to let go...

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6. Enjoy your meal!

7. No room for two...

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8. Just hanging out with the ducks

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9. Balancing act!

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10. Why use a cat flap when there are blinds to destroy?

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11. A not-so-subtle thief!

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12. Cat money box?

13. How to keep warm on a chilly day

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14. And cool during a heatwave...

15. Convinced no one can see it...

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16. When a cat doesn't like selfies...

17. "What is it with humans and their blinds?"

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18. Don't make the slightest noise...

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19. Cat hairs... A neverending story

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20. Because cats love playing hide 'n seek

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