20 photos that prove everlasting love exists

Everlasting love does exist and there's nothing more heartwarming than browsing through then and now photos.

From the moment two soul mates meet to the years they spend together, and from marriages to having a family, these couples are not only best friends but also know each other by heart. Digging out old photo albums brings back good memories and shows how well these relationships have stood the test of time.

Here are 20 couples who shared heartwarming photos of their eternal love.

1. They met as teenagers and later tied the knot

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2. A story that began in the 80s and still lasts today

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3. A couple that has barely aged 20 years after they walked down the aisle

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4. They still love their woodland walks

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5. Same place, same pose

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6. They renewed their vows on their 40th wedding anniversary

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7. She's kept her lovely smile, he's kept his cheeky grin!

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8. From childhood friends to man and wife

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9. The look of love

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10. 37 years later and the bride can still fit into her dress

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11. 50 years of memories

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12. Still got a great sense of humor!

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13. They haven't lost their sense of style

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14. A wonderful love story

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15. 60 years together and still going strong

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16. A very happy couple

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17. From black & white to color

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18. They were so young when they first met

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19. Still as tender towards each other

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20. They still love to party!

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