20 photos that prove some people should stay out of the kitchen

Cooking isn’t for everyone, and these photos are proof.

When you haven’t earned the title of chef and your culinary creations leave a little to be desired, you should just call a professional. But it might also be that even the local restaurant turns out to be only amateur level.

Here are 20 photos of kitchen fails.

1. Her husband might appreciate that she wanted to bake his birthday cake herself…

© aant85 / reddit

2. Here’s the $15 salad I ordered from a local restaurant:

© ThisssBabe / reddit

3. A very bad idea, without a doubt

© dooooozenberg / reddit

4. Freshly baked bread right out of the oven

© DinkyGhost / reddit

5. These macaroons may not be pretty, but how do they taste?

© ismiruna / reddit

6. This isn’t really what I'd call an exotic salad.

© space_waves / reddit

7. This restaurant has a funny idea of what a shrimp sandwich is…

© rubey419 / reddit

8. The world's first edible LEGO cake…

© MargoBakes1228 / reddit

9. Toast that’s scary to eat

© 9999monkeys / reddit

10. This pie isn’t recommended for children.

© JustAnotherElsen / reddit

11. The Frankenstein version of blueberry pie…

© JustAnotherElsen / reddit

12. “My first attempt at making lemon tea…”

© Unusual-Tone-2974 / reddit

13. This must be absolutely delicious!

© FakeBenson / reddit

14. The chef's cheese plate

© Xyphen / reddit

15. My coworker eats this sad meal every day for lunch.

© Xnuclearwarhead / reddit

16. The colors are right, but the shape seems a little off.

© Seratius_ / reddit

17. This is what we can legitimately call a cheesecake:

© Digital_Beagle / reddit

18. This is not a pizza…

© PostComa / reddit

19. This green jelly on a sandwich is a rather strange idea…

© PolymerP***ies / reddit

20. She got the amount of flour wrong and ended up with a tiny cake.

© Ryabsui / reddit