20 photos that show the joy of having children

What would we do without our kids? How would we live? Probably worse. Boredom would be a given, because once we give birth to our little ones, life changes forever. Its pace is crazy and, if it overwhelms us, we still love it, in spite of everything.

While growing up, your child often does some crazy things. It’s still funny, even if you get overwhelmed with anxiety at the time. See the images below for proof...

1. “This is how my daughter woke me up at 6:15 am on her first camping trip.”

© amonson1884 / Reddit  

2. In this family, the playpen protects the parents…

© MightyMaddie / Reddit  

3. He deserves a good grade for his creativity.

© JrsSdx / Imgur  

4. Never leave your child alone with a computer...

© craghawk / Reddit  

5. He decided to paint himself from head to toe...

© samtheboy / Reddit  

6. Ahhh…the joys of parenting.

© Unknown / Reddit  

7. Did he confuse the book with cereal?

© Unknown / Imgur  

8. “Thought I heard a kid yelling for his dad at Lowe’s. I went to look for him…”

© FoxiGucci / Imgur  

9. He had to answer “True” or “False,” so he wrote a word that looked like both.

© Unknown / Imgur  

10. The resemblance is remarkable, don't you think?

© rdixonp / Reddit  

11. Your child will never stop surprising you…

© atmospheric / Imgur  

12. This type of glass is bound to amuse your little one…

© Unknown / Imgur  

13. “Mom, can I take Marty outside to play?”

© SeriesOfAdjectives / Reddit  

14. One day he’ll end up inside it…

15. This child tasted each strawberry before saying he didn't like them.

© madeyouangry / Reddit  

16. “Think carefully... once it's done, you can't go back.”

© Unknown / Imgur  

17. Just a regular day: one child is carrying the dog around, while the other is trying to get in the washing machine...

18. She thought she was being clever, and now she’s crying about it.

19. Lipstick is just for lips...

20. And above all, Merry Christmas!