20 photos of some of nature’s scariest creatures

Internet users have found some of our worst nightmares in nature and photographed them for Halloween.

The scariest holiday has just passed, and Halloween decorations could be seen everywhere. But the real fears are hidden in nature. Although they’re scary, they’re beautiful and fascinating at the same time!

Here are 20 of the scariest photos you’ll see in nature.

1. This spider can flatten its body and wrap itself around a branch.

© Freddie83 / reddit

2. This is what the skeleton of a hedgehog looks like

© Filosoraptor / facebook

3. This ant colony has a question…

© DivineEnergies / reddit

4. A chameleon mummified by the tropical sun

© YoSoyUnPayaso / reddit

5. Snapdragon seeds that look like little skulls

© ericd420 / reddit

6. Here's a giant hedgehog without its quills:

© zamfall / imgur

7. Lampreys are jawless fish that live in lakes.

© unknown / imgur

8. The spider that caught this frog in its web must be huge!

© Rainforest Expeditions Lodges / Facebook

9. Hymenoptera have taken over this garage door lock with their nests.

© v-j / reddit

10. Frogs have invaded this pool.

© linkinhoker / reddit

11. This spider knows how to weave its webs in the Halloween spirit.

© meistertigran / reddit

12. A mosquito invasion was blocked by this window screen.

© plsdolanpls / reddit

13. A frog that was born with five legs

© brykupono / reddit

14. Here’s what the skeleton of a cobra looks like:

© Zaekr211 / reddit

15. Here’s Hypsignathus Monstrosus, also known as a hammer-headed bat, one of the largest and creepiest bats out there.

© AestheticPurrfection / reddit

16. A puffer fish was found in a tree in New England after a tornado.

© bassistmuzikman / reddit

17. What sea scallops look like when they’re alive:

© Luke-HW / reddit

17. What sea scallops look like when they’re alive:

© unknown / reddit

19. These tiny plants look like little human hands.

© lnAParallelUniverse / reddit

20. A deer skull that has been underwater for over a year

© callyshark / reddit