20 photos of super-cool designs spotted around the world

For every design fail, there's an awesome design that does its job and looks good too - just check out this selection of particularly cool ideas.

Everyday objects are designed to make life easier. A well-thought-out, practical design, results in a product that will take the world by storm. And while we may not appreciate what goes on at the design stage, some creative genius may have spent days or weeks coming up with the concept.

Here are 20 photos that illustrate the worth of good design.

1. A simple, hygienic solution

© mafugginAsher/ Reddit

2. Fun and practical!

© keuerle/ Reddit

3. Excellent visual merchandising idea

© flawierbarbie/ Reddit

4. We so want to use this car park

© JSteezy80/ Reddit

5. If only this was real ice cream

© keuerle/ Reddit

6. A sidewalk that lights up when you walk down it

© f1sh98/ Reddit

7. This natural history museum knows how to present the Moon

© thedudeabides80/ Reddit

8. A chemistry exercise book

© Zekeroonie/ Reddit

9. For anyone with no outdoor space and who loves an avant-garde style

© mojorno/ Reddit

10. To stop them from getting clogged up by litter

© kendallbeitz/ Reddit

11. A must for DIY fans

© Ashtronica2/ Reddit

12. A little compartment just for drinks

© sarracenia67/ Reddit

13. Because people come in all heights

© artyhermes/ Reddit

14. Making flat-packed furniture easier to build

© Doctor_N**sack/ Reddit

15. Clever idea to stop soap sticking to the bottom

© droo46/ Reddit

16. Captain Hook has his uses

© p***d***22/ Reddit

17. Enjoy a swing and charge up your phone

© S***burg1/ Reddit

18. This museum in Italy has relief reproductions, so blind people can "see" the art

© Peanut_Legend/ Reddit

19. This makes learning chess so much easier

© wowbobwow/ Reddit

20. Discreet and elegant lighting

© potato999/ Imgur