20 photos of unusual sights spotted around the world

It's fun when we stumble upon something that's out of the ordinary, and here's a small selection of delights that netizens have shared!

Life is full of little things that brighten up our days, which is a welcome relief from the bad news that surrounds us. From an interesting find in a forest to an odd imprint on the sidewalk, we often don't know what to expect as we go about our day.

Here are 20 people who snapped and shared their fun little surprise!

1. Cutting down on plastic

© thehow2dad / Reddit

2. The treadmill shook off the dirt from his sneakers, where it formed a little pile

© caprianna / Reddit

3. Almost too beautiful to be real

© Ietsmetdingen / Reddit

4. Making use of every last square foot

© gangreen424 / Reddit

5. In a forest in Belgium!

© ResonancePhotographr / Reddit

6. When the broken drive-through speakers are replaced by a baby monitor

© whymustinotforget / Reddit

7. We think it was done by a frog...

© Nud*rXshun / Reddit

8. We agree, it's "priceless"

© StayClassyRed / Reddit

9. What's weirder, the bunny or the calf?

© Jawshewah / Reddit

10. Colored with natural dyes made from onion skins and red cabbage

© niikie / Reddit

11. Do not operate? Why? Still, pretty cool idea!

© lil_caprese / Reddit

12. She doesn't smile when she goes clubbing

© LeoPopanapolis / Reddit

13. Clever bottle disposal chutes in this campsite's showers

© G_Kstdtm / Reddit

14. So you and your dog can quench your thirsts

© biglanga / Reddit

15. All the known sea shades

© slaybrahamstinkin / Reddit

16. When jelly does this!

© LunchBokth / Reddit

17. A new planet or a moldy orange?

© 3niti14045 / Reddit

18. Their parents installed a phone in the toilet

© TheFrogWife / Reddit

19. A very optimistic birthmark

© MrPenguinD / Reddit

20. Ever wondered how big wolves are?

© popebologna / Reddit