20 photos of valuable objects recovered from dumpsters

One's person's trash may be another person's prized possession, and the following snaps prove that it's well-worth checking out what people throw away.

Some people throw away their stuff because it's no longer needed, only for others to see its potential. With a little creativity and some basic DIY skills, these objects can be given a second lease of life.

Here are 20 inspiring photos of restored or upcycled items found in the trash.

1. From dumpster to a cool home deco idea

© mbz321 / Reddit

2. Barely-used Prismacolor pencils that were thrown away

© obycf / Reddit

3. He found this in the trash at the school where he works

© VavaVoooooooooom / Reddit

4. An antique compass and magnifying glass

© GlamourDDive / Reddit

5. A garden center threw away these gorgeous flowers

© Wayward_Andy / Reddit

6. Found in perfect condition!

© filteredversion / Reddit

7. This gaming store closed down and gave away its stock

© xAguax / Reddit

8. An old pair of ice skates transformed into a pair of boots

© Pkonko37 / Reddit

9. To think this hoard was going to waste

© fuggypannacotta / Reddit

10. Another massive pile of goods that were trashed by a store

© solitudeandpeace / Reddit

11. A hand-carved cabinet

© chauncyyy / Reddit

12. These leather covered bar stools were trashed when their owner became vegan

© Baristasaint / Reddit

13. Perfect for organizing her balls of wool

© kschenkein / Reddit

14. Tubes of paint that hadn't even been opened

© UrbanRelicHunter / Reddit

15. An office chair in pristine condition

© kalikosparrows / Reddit

16. As good as new!

© thedirr / Reddit

17. A treasure trove of finds!

© Cult7Choir / Reddit

18. Someone threw away this sold gold bracelet!

© UrbanRelicHunter / Reddit

19. He found this container of LEGO while out on a jog

© mooingcow45 / Reddit

20. Perfect for storing their kids' toys

© Vaaskel / Reddit