20 photos of weird and wonderful situations that were caught on camera

Who doesn't enjoy seeing photos of unexpected encounters and surprising discoveries? Here's just a small selection to keep you entertained...

When we amble down a street, we never know if we'll stumble upon some crazy situation. From funny surprises to freaky coincidences, the following people certainly had their fair share. And to the delight of us all, they managed to take a snap and share their experience with the rest of us.

Here are 20 photos that illustrate some of the more unexpected encounters in life.

1. When you meet someone who's well over 6ft tall

© JELLYFISH____ / reddit

2. The way light reflects in this room suggests there are two suns in the sky

© lagger / reddit

3. They accidentally walked on and set off this flare

© harleygsp / reddit

4. When someone parks a truck in front of your house just as your son is playing with his toy

© blonderaider21 / reddit

5. Vitiligo under UV light

© Tiny_Application_420 / reddit

6. A giant, giant sunflower

© Zeehammer / reddit

7. Ever seen a stone man?

© CStanMM / reddit

8. Dog paw prints that have been there for around 100 years

© send_nose123 / reddit

9. Return of the dinosaurs

© Wiggly96 / reddit

10. When your burrito has its own little bag

© nickaa827 / reddit

11. A sprouting sponge

© gbsolo12 / reddit

12. This frog sneaked in during the night

© 30dlo / reddit

13. This suddenly appeared...

© kelleh711 / reddit

14. No, it's not a grilled cheese sandwich!

© NovelGrass / reddit

15. When you look like a book cover illustration

© SoDakZak / reddit

16. And now a sprouting radiator

© walcrant / reddit

17. Home-grown tomato

© MonaLisa341 / reddit

18. A cat with extra toes

© gm2955a / reddit

19. A geode that features a seascape

© GingerGinny / reddit

20. When a butterfly matches your sneakers

© aburkh / reddit