20 photos that will appeal to curious people

Curiosity often prompts us to wonder "what would happen next"…

These photos are just some examples of an experiment or stroke of luck that's led to a cool discovery. Social networks are full of photos that users have shared and which are guaranteed to rouse our interest.

Here are 20 photos that the curious among are bound to find fascinating.

1. It only takes half an hour for this to happen to a beard when the temperature drops to 24°F

© CodeNameQueso / Reddit

2. This can happen to earpods if you leave them on a sandy beach

© GromainRosjean / Reddit

3. When you leave a wooden spoon in water for too long

© balkiry / Reddit

4. Add food coloring to your homemade pasta!

© soliivagent / Reddit

5. A plastic bottle that was put through a wood chipper

© rubberbootsandwetsox / Reddit

6. A frisbee after years of being caught by a dog

© yoshiplace / Reddit

7. This snail is growing a new shell after the previous one broke

© TheSerevet / Reddit

8. This pot broke like this during a freezing cold night

© Grundle__Puncher / Reddit

9. The last egg from a chicken that reached menopause

© Aires_Rogue / Reddit

10. Growing in whatever direction the light comes from

© florida-castaways / Reddit

11. Unicorns exist!

© coffeeandasunset / Reddit

12. When a pencil sharpener loosens

© reddit11898 / Reddit

13. A hammer found after several years

© direct-evil / Reddit

14. Close-up of a lint roller

© 26Denice / Reddit

15. A wooden spoon after 60 years' use

© Ayuvelo / Reddit

16. After lightning struck

© Bronze_Goblin / Reddit

17. Growing all by themselves

© pumpkinbread***** / Reddit

18. A 3 year-old balloon that still has some air in it

© ScottishBadger08 / Reddit

19. When you shine a lazer through a Canadian dollar

© cjfullinfaw07 / Reddit

20. If you brew tea with spring water it turns purple!

© KingZero010 / Reddit