20 products designed by geniuses

Some products include little extras to make using them a little better.

Designers do a great job when they think of designing a tomato sauce jar with measurement lines, so that the sauce can be measured easily, or any of these other bonuses that users want.

Here are 20 photos of products designed by geniuses.

1. This tomato sauce has measurements right on the jar!

© egr08 / reddit  

2. A moisturizer container with dots on the surface, so you can open it with lotion on your hands.

© SofishticatedIdeas / reddit  

3. A shower head that tells the temperature of the water

© drews42150 / reddit  

4. A soda can with directions on how you can reuse the tab to make a fishing hook!

© daniwanii / reddit  

5. Reversible benches that give you the freedom to choose your view

© thoughtgun / reddit  

6. A biker jacket with built-in blinkers

© joat217 / reddit  

7. A sticker holds the lid in place.

© Reformedhegelian / reddit  

8. A cappuccino container that doubles as a straw

© Yanko Design  

9. A spatula designed to keep your countertop clean

© groove8 / reddit  

10. A holder that makes it easier to change toilet paper rolls

© 1nexorable / reddit  

11. An accessory to hold the mini ice cream cone in the saucer

© TheCaptain910 / reddit  

12. This dishwasher projects a timer onto the floor

© Edtunk / reddit  

13. This shoe is sold with a pick gadget that gets out rocks and other gunk from the sole.

© Whalephant2K17 / reddit  

14. This remote control has a headphone port!

© superp0rk / reddit  

15. A smaller door inside the big one, so kids can reach the handle

© Ziksalama / reddit  

16. A ruler with cascading millimeter marks to make it easier to read

© 132kimh / reddit  

17. The red and green indicators let you know how much paper there is left.

© emilmort11 / reddit  

18. These ports light up when it’s dark, so you can see them easier.

© KTthemajicgoat / reddit  

19. This ski lift contains a map so you can plan your trail without dropping your phone.

© arloading / reddit  

20. A little flashlight is included in the car’s dome light.

© moistgulch / reddit