20 rare things that happened due to chance

As a matter of fact, we’d prefer to use the word “chance.” Chance sometimes makes it possible to be born a millionaire or be destroyed by a natural disaster. Chance never does things halfway, or if so, it happens rarely. It hits when and where you don't expect it, by its very definition.

Chance is at the very heart of our daily lives. This is what makes daily life so special, and even more importantly, not boring. Chance is what is responsible for the photos below. There is little chance that we will ever see these things happen again...

1. This car is not scratched or painted. It is simply reflecting solar panels from above.

© brookesmoore / reddit  

2. This pack of pills matches this lady's nails perfectly!

© unknown author / imgur  

3. The colors of this vine

© eyewatchtheoffice / reddit  

4. “I accidentally dropped a playing card in the toilet ... and all the spades went to one side!”

© williammac2004 / reddit 

5. Warning, this huge plane that looks like a cloud (or vice versa?) is about to take off.

© hocmm / reddit  

6. My cat’s eyes match my couch.

© TheLetterSeven / reddit 

7. The way this shadow has a missing part due to light refraction

© LibertatemBellator / reddit  

8. This cheese melted almost perfectly on this burger.

© pinkflyd25 / reddit  

9. Was this caterpillar born a mix between a caterpillar and a penguin?

© XxXtoolXxX / reddit  

10. It's time to fold and put away the ice to make room for spring!

© imgur  

11. A flower that apparently didn’t know what color to be

© inphosphorescence / reddit  

12. “These are a frog’s footprints on my car hood.”

© Mr_Stitches / reddit  

13. When your order number matches the price of your bill…

© otakutaikun / reddit  

14. The effect of sand in this tire is pretty unique and satisfying.

© madfloyd666 / reddit  

15. The shadow of this plane is surrounded by a rainbow!

© Swuji / reddit  

16. Who wants to get their feet wet? Personally, I think I’ll pass!

© LightRaie / reddit  

117. This pear-shaped apple

© edgycliff / reddit  

18. This scar was not caused by a shark, but it sure looks like one.

© coreynj / reddit  

19. A spider on the surface, a kind of molecule with round feet below!

© lnk7332 / reddit 

20. This frozen lighthouse look like a castle from “Game of Thrones”!

© amenra / imgur