20 ridiculous restaurant food presentations

Some restaurants plate up food like a taste bud-tickling, masterful work of art, while others fall wide of the mark.

When we order a dish in a restaurant, we don't really know what the plate will look like. Every eatery presents its dishes differently and some places go all out for what they think are original ideas, not realizing just how gross the food looks once on the plate.

Here are 20 photos of the more "unusual" presentations that people have snapped and shared.

1. This was served in luxury hotel's restaurant...

© gustavsen / reddit

2. When the plate is more impressive than the food

© Jotapeme / reddit

3. When a restaurant has some spare restroom tiles to hand

© catmore11 / reddit

4. Just the association makes us feel nauseous

© adullploy / reddit

5. Never throw away broken plates

© Inaroundaboutway / reddit

6. Just make sure you don't bite on a pebble

© Nemergon / reddit

7. DIY Caesar salad

© NewYorkRhino / reddit

8. 3 tiny chips

© Hey_nice_marmot_ / reddit

9. Yes, it's a ram's horn

© momslittlebear / reddit

10. It took more time to empty the husk than it did to make the ice cream

© NUARTNUART / reddit

11. Not sure if you're meant to toast these or if this is just for decoration

© BenOnStandby / reddit

12. Nope, just nope

© GrudonFactory / reddit

13. Obviously going for a Stone Age effect?

© dammidodo / reddit

14. When the chef used to be a builder

© J0nny_Alcatraz / reddit

15. How on Earth are you supposed to scoop this out?

© andrewcbee / reddit

16. And you thought the last "pebble" one was confusing...

© happy_monster / reddit

17. How to injure your patrons

© Werswally / reddit

18. They better taste good!

© missjeri / reddit

19. Maybe they serve fusion food?

© opaespectacular / reddit

20. When everyone else gets a plate

© N00banator912 / reddit