20 surprise bargains found in flea markets and thrift stores

Flea markets and thrift stores are packed with weird and wonderful objects that are crying out for a new home.

That said, you may be thrilled with your purchase, but your family or roommates may be a little less enthusiastic about the latest addition to your house's decor. Some items are just plain scary, while others may be worth a fortune!

Here are 20 bargains that were found in thrift stores and flea markets.

1. An interesting interpretation of the Mona Lisa

© Samantha Bergeron / facebook

2. Would you give this to a child?

© Jessica Flaherty / facebook

3. Awesome gift for Harry Potter fans

© cbsmith432906 / reddit

4. If you love an early 80s retro look

© Bertina Marie / facebook

5. An old coin sorting machine

© vvzz / pikabu

6. Tropical lighting

© Erin Keyarts / facebook

7. A 1970s model complete with metal toe cap

© ben-fozz / reddit

8. Look how much she paid for these sterling silver and 14ct gold rings

© AnaisInJune / reddit

9. They bought it for their son, but the cat decided otherwise...

© Devyn Noto / facebook

10. Edvard Munch would be delighted

© hughhughhughhue / reddit

11. Any ideas? Nope, us neither!

© Jennifer Zimmer / facebook

12. Perfect size for a pet

© Destiny Kuhn / facebook

13. For eggs straight out of a cartoon

© Jade Oberpriller / facebook

14. Baby meets blue strawberry...

© Hannah Beam / facebook

15. If you love crochet

© Ang Elica / facebook.

16. To liven up their pond?

© Ingrid Potter / facebook

17. Try these for trick-or-treating

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18. A Dutch toilet paper holder from the 20th century

© Kris Bergesen / facebook

19. Get mischievous with Bender 

© Heriberto Garcia / facebook

20. We did warn you about just plain scary

© Missy Strange / facebook