20 surprises found by people when they moved into their new home

When we buy a house or apartment, we're often met with surprises once we start to redecorate or explore every nook and cranny.

Renovating a newly purchased house can be like a treasure hunt and some homes guard many a secret.

Here are 20 photos of suprises that lay in wait for the new owners.

1. A giant Monopoly game under the carpet

© Nnewel/Reddit

2. Spooky... Their house was partly built using tombstones

© MrFourhundredtwenty/Reddit

3. Genius idea!

© AlliumVineale/Reddit

4. When a house is one big line of doors

© robertogeroli/Reddit

5. A sneaky way to hide a safe

© hippyscum98/Reddit

6. Found hidden away in a 100 year-old home

© BriCins/Reddit

7. A message from 1997! We guess it was covered with Spice Girls wallpaper?

© AngeB1818/Reddit

8. A little statue on the roof

© dwrecksizzle/Reddit

9. A newspaper dated October 2nd 1902

© bobfromholland/Reddit

10. An old soap from a hotel from a country that no longer exists

© Wowsuchcreativename/Reddit

11. When the sun shines on it, the house number is projected onto the staircase

© joelkes/Reddit

12. A secret bed chamber...

© pokersquirrel/Reddit

13. An integrated toaster!

© SanRachHoffSing/Reddit

14. When the previous owner painted over a SIM card holder

© yer-affesi-anni/Reddit

15. This was under 3 layers of wallpaper

© bubbaloon/Reddit

16. This chain dates back to the last century... Any ideas what it's doing there?

© WomanOfEld/Reddit

17. Another old house with a secret room

© kneedeepinthehooplas/Reddit

18. A house under the stairs

© AeroBearo/Reddit

19. A 4-season window!

© pommiegurl130/Reddit

20. A treasure trove!

© TipsyMc_stager/Reddit