20 times people saw awesome things in the world

Whether made by man or nature, there are things in life that have rare beauty and even rarer occurrence.

Very cold weather produces majestic ice sculptures. An engineer can craft something that deserves our applause. These and other events make for beautiful sights that photographers can take credit for immortalizing forever.

Here are 20 beautiful photos of things you have probably never seen before.

1. This is a Northern Cardinal with bilateral gynandromorphism, an abnormality that means it’s male on one side and female on the other.

© CYBERSson / reddit  

2. A starfish barely larger than a grain of sand

© PacificKestrel / reddit  

3. A winter storm makes Lake Erie Pier look like mythological sculptures.

© onepersononeidea / reddit  

4. The side fenders of an old Volkswagen Beetle turned into motorcycles

© Mateo03 / reddit  

5. All the colors of autumn are in this cabbage plant.

© Schology / reddit  

6. A building that looks it was drawn with a pen

© VNTBLKATK / reddit  

7. Inside a multicolored hot air balloon

© sunflower53069  

8. Tiny mushrooms

© XYYYYYYYY / reddit  

9. The way ice forms on this pier in winter

© HellsJuggernaut / reddit  

10. 4 KB of IBM memory found in a barn...on a 640 KB photo

© MastersOfScientology / reddit  

11. A photo showing the top of a shipping container

© MaxK1234B / reddit  

12. Intricate details on a wedding dress in India

© starrstufft / reddit  

13. Someone built a wooden hotel for the bugs in the garden.

© kat-r-pillar / reddit  

14. A “turnip rock” in Michigan, formed by tidal erosion

© onepersononeidea / reddit  

15. An abandoned gold mine in Russia, photographed from a side angle to emphasize its massive size

© onepersononeidea / reddit  

16. Glow-in-the-dark plankton on a beach in the Maldives

© onepersononeidea / reddit  

17. A cat with sectoral heterochromia (a condition where there are 2 colors in the eye)

© icant-chooseone / reddit  

18. A 1,400-year-old Ginkgo tree with incredible yellow leaves

© smokerking92 / reddit  

19. An awesome lightning bolt triggered by a rocket launch

© onepersononeidea / reddit  

20. A giant puffball mushroom that has the texture of a marshmallow

© K0M1jo / reddit