20 times someone ended up with a disastrous DIY job on their hands

Not everyone is a natural DIYer, so if you have a friend who says they can help renovate your home, you may want to check out the following photos.

Or, maybe you live with someone dying to roll up their sleeves and tackle some home improvements. They may do a great job, meaning the cost is much lower, but if you're in any doubt, it's best to call in a professional and avoid a catastrophe!

Here are 20 photos that prove a DIY approach may not be the best option!

1. He decided to make the staircase easier to climb

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2. Not a DIY disaster, but still a company should make sure a paint delivery doesn't explode

© turul / pikabu

3. When your partner loves carpets. Everywhere...

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4. Why???

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5. There's more to wall mounts than just screws and a drill

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6. DIY faucets

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7. When you manage to destroy two hammers in a row

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8. DIY requires precise measurements

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9. When you can't close the toilet door

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10. Accident waiting to happen

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11. A new take on underfloor heating

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12. Security at its worst

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13. When a gust of wind does this to your roof

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14. When a town doesn't use a good professional

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15. Next time call a plumber!

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16. So much for a bannister

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17. When your partner pretends they know how to install wall sockets

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18. Next time check the height of everyone who uses the shower

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19. When an inch or two makes all the difference

© Cityboy216 / reddit

20. Another wall socket fail

© Yggdrasil5218 / reddit