20 touching photos that illustrate how much pets love their owners

Pets provide immeasurable comfort thanks to their unconditional love.

Dogs who see their owners leave for work will spend hours watching from the window awaiting their return. Just one example of the endless love animals have for their families.

Here are 20 touching photos that illustrate the love pets have for their owners.

1. So sad after his owner went back to work after being at home for a long time

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2. Clinging on!

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3. Her cat became super-protective just before she gave birth 

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4. These ducklings have found a new friend

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5. His "dad" died of cancer, but each day he waits for him to come home

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6. Look at that contented face!

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6. We love the tongue... Blep alert!

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8. The perfect hand rest

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9. A rescue bird thanks its owner

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10. This dog's owner also died and he's still patiently waiting for him to come back

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11. The day his cat finally accepted there was a new addition to the family

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12. Every time this guy prepares his suitcase his cat clings to him and won't let go

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13. Another rescue that's happy to feel protected

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14. They always take naps together

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15. First day in his new home and he's looking pretty relaxed!

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16. Happy that their owner has retired and now spends more time at home

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17. Nothing's better than a good cuddle

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18. Making the most of a long nap before the baby arrives

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19. This is the first time this cat snuck under the covers!

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20. Neck nuzzling!

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