21 adorable acts of kindness caught on camera

There are many ways in which we can help others as well as our planet! Being generous, altruistic and attentive to those around us should be on all our to-do lists.

Even the tiniest gestures can make a lot of difference, and showing love and respect to others also gives us the feelgood factor. So, let's all kick selfishness to the curb and be as kind as the following people...

1. This guy draws people he meets on the subway - and tells them they're good-looking too!

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2. A man cools down his dog during a heatwave in Paris

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3. All from one beach!

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4. This guy interrupted his meal to teach this boy how to make a paper airplane

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5. Giving a thirsty hummingbird a drink

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6. A Reddit user sent this artist a bag of pens and ink!

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7. When your co-worker saves a nest of baby birds and builds them a new one in a Kleenex box

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8. Great way to combat racism!

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9. The 50th time he gave blood

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10. This 89 year-old woman knitted 450 dog blankets!

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11. These guys saw that the boy was interested, so let him have a try!

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12. She cut her hair and donated it to a wig-maker

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13. This grandma knits toys that are sent to kids in poor countries

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14. At 9 years old she made a mobile shelter for homeless people

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15. When a demonstrator protects a journalist

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16. Alex Assali is a Syrian refugee who cooks free meals for homeless people in Germany

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17. Because we all need a helping hand at some point in our lives

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18. Because it's contagious!

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19. Giving right of way!

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20. To stop people from tripping up

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21. A wheelchair user swing in Singapore!

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