21 people who live life on their own terms and don’t care what anyone else thinks

Living life and ignoring what’s around you… Many people aren’t able to do this, because they’re always afraid of standing out and having people stare at them. Others, however, have no problem doing it.

They must be right. After all, life is way too short to put on the brakes, just because it might shock some random person. These people live life as they see fit, even if it may shock someone. Check out the images below and see for yourself.

1. Toes in the water!

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2. I can’t imagine what it’s like when the metro is crowded!

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3. “What’s wrong, officer, aren’t we allowed to take a bath in front of our house?”

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4. You’ve heard of farm-to-table. Now there’s sea-to-table!

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5. He doesn't seem fazed at all.

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6. “Honey, I think I just heard a crack...”

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7. He didn't have time to put on clothes after his shower.

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8. “Do this, don’t do that. Can’t you read the signs?”

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9. Better than a fireplace…

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10. Getting comfy in the water!

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11. How romantic...

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12. You had to really want it to go back that far!

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13. Mess? What mess? Making the best out of a truck spill...

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14. A tank? It’s a way of getting around just as good as any other.

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15. Normally, these things don’t go together...

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16. “I have to finish my round first before I leave!”

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17. A tiny car can go anywhere...literally anywhere!

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18. There are some really disturbing fans of Hello Kitty...

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19. When you can’t decide what you want to dress up as...

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20. “Just taking the dogs for a little walk.”

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21. When the lawn needs to be mowed…

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