21 photos that illustrate the hilarious side to parenting

Good parenting requires unconditional love and a lot of patience! Moms and dads across the world try to move heaven and earth to make their little ones happy. But there's no parenting manual, so it's often a question of trail and error, and raising a child is no easy feat. Fortunately, kids are usually grateful and can provide hours of entertainment... So, despite the meltdowns, kids are also incredibly funny bringing light and laughter to their families.

Here are 21 photos that illustrate the hilarious naivety and spontaneity of kids, leaving parents with unforgettable memories that they decided to snap and share!

1. When mom and dad start to argue and their son decides to calm things down by threatening to throw a paper bag at them 

© followthehippo/Imgur  

2. She wanted to give her dad a card decorated with stickers...

© Sarah Dempster/ Twitter  

3. She flushed the toilet before her son got the chance to examen her poop!

© stumpalupagous/Imgur  

4. When your son makes up his mind

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5. A total catastrophe

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6. This passenger didn't offer any of his Skittles to the kid in front. His punishment? A long hard stare throughout the flight!

© Joshua Kimmich Stan/Twitter  

7. This little guy lost his lollipop

8. When your little one prepares your breakfast

© joeheenan/Twitter  

9. A future visual merchandizer?

10. When it's time to nap, it's time to nap

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11. Band-aids are for minor injuries and sore throats are minor injuries

12. When your child adds items to your grocery shopping list

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13. He's convinced that's him on the cover!

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14. His girlfriend dressed up as a bunch of grapes, so he did too! 

© domgv__/Twitter  

15. When your son completes his "carrot challenge"

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16. The joy of an excited child!

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17. The look of love...

18. When you put your smartphone down and come back to this...

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19. When your child has been naughty and is trying to find an excuse!

20. The most patient dog in the world

© GallowBoob/Reddit  

21. His dad told him to keep his eye on the ball

© WNEP TV/ Youtube