21 photos that show the sweeter side of life

If you know where to look, you'll find love and compassion abounds!  We all tend to moan about our lives, but trust us when we say that the glass really is half full.

Here are 21 photos that show the sweeter side of life - the perfect pick-me-up for anyone having a bad day!

1. This monkey saved this puppy from a fire and they've become best friends!

© choco_liss / reddit.com  

2. This brought tears to our eyes!

© BeckKailee / twitter.com  

3. This owner decided to wear a cone in support of his recently operated feline friend!

© AjKaramba / imgur.com  

4. The joy of finding your cat when you thought he'd died during a hurricane!

© itsfernandoyo / reddit.com  

5. This baby fox snuck into a hen house so he could find a cozy place to sleep... He didn't chase or harm any of the chickens!

© iProcione / pikabu.ru  

6. This autistic child was devastated when his favorite video store closed, so his parents made him his own special outlet!

© gangbangkang / reddit.com  

7. An abandoned cat that was saved and adopted by a young girl!

© MURRZIA5 / pikabu.ru  

8. This man has been married to his wife for 41 years and still discovers new things about her every day... Including her playful side!

© bighdaddie / reddit.com  

9. This sister told her brother that she couldn't buy him a Christmas gift as she barely had enough money to live on.  This is what she received the next day...

© Psychlvr / reddit.com  

10. This bus driver allowed this cat to 'live' in his bus for a week, so that it wouldn't suffer during a harsh winter spell!

© Godsergey55 / reddit.com  

11. These two pen pals wrote to each other for a year. The 22 year-old man saved up for a plane ticket so he could go to Florida and meet his 81 year-old pal!

© gangbangkang / reddit.com  

12. When someone doesn't want anyone to trip and fall over...

© Krasnayaikorka / pikabu.ru  

13. This mom visited her child at boarding school just so that they could share some homemade cookies!

© amylee223 / reddit.com  

14. "Four years ago my best friend went to the prom with a real womanizer.  She's now married to the man of her dreams and I'm still her BFF!"

© conservativememes.com  

15. This cat was run over by a car, but survived despite a broken paw and fractured jaw.  A vet had to remove all of her teeth and then decided to give her a home... Meet Duchess the Amazing Cat!

© BasedOnAir / reddit.com  

16. This bride's father stopped the ceremony so that her future father-in-law could also walk her down the aisle!

© tforpatato / reddit.com  

17. When a simple flower is enough to brighten an old lady's day!

© famepace.com  

18. "Someone slipped this note into my nephew's hood when we were traveling on the subway."

© rizhij / pikabu.ru  

19. When it snowed in Mexico for the first time in 20 years, this guy kept a promise he'd made to his mother - that one day they would build a snowman together!

© imgur.com  

20. This woman brought her disabled brother the same car each Christmas, but was sad to discover one year that they were no longer being made.  She appealed for help on her social networks and someone helped her find exactly the right one!

© aishavoya / reddit.com  

21. The cutest sloth we've ever seen!

© NullDocking23 / reddit.com  

Why not share your happy stories and photos with us below?!  And remember that no matter what life throws at you, keep smiling!  Have a great day!